Bathroom Remodelling

All of our bathroom remodelling projects are catered to your vision. A remodelled bathroom can have many features that make it look more like a spa. We offer many options for you to transform your bath space into an oasis. We know what it takes to create the perfect bathroom, which is why we take time to discuss any special requests or needs to make your bathroom dreams come true.
First, we review our catalogue for core elements. We then send a Project Manager to your home to conduct a site inspection. We'll assess your specific needs and wants and then provide you with an accurate quote on budget requirements tailored to suit your needs. From start to finish, we have plenty of options for you! Everything from shower enclosures, wall tile, custom cabinets & vanities. Let us help you get started on your project today.

Bathroom renovations are one of the best returns on investment. Increase the value of your home.

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Accessibility Friendly

TJTS can build any bathroom, no matter how tight the space, and make it accessible for those in wheelchairs. We have a large selection of prefabricated shower pans that are guaranteed to be ADA-compliant meeting all Canadian federal, provincial, and local plumbing codes.
TJTS has many years of experience in commercial bathroom renovation projects that include accessibility bathrooms for the disabled. Our bathroom remodels ensure human dignity is honoured and stylish functionality is part of the finished project. We offer electronic bidet toilet seat installations, mobility-friendly flooring, walk-in bathtubs and mobility-friendly tub surrounds.

Modern bathrooms require modern features.

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Fully Functional

Features such as a double vanity layout is not only functional but essential for all master suite bathrooms. Add features to get what you need from your bathroom. Let us help you get started. 

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Waterfall Mount

Waterfall showers offer a clean, natural aesthetic for those looking to create an outdoor feel in an indoor space. Make your showers count. See what you’re missing.

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Tub Surrounds

TJTS can install tub surrounds and mobility-friendly tub surrounds. Tub surrounds have many custom features: grab bars, handrails, floor mats, even alcoves for soaps & toiletris withiout losing style.

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Freestanding Tub

Freestanding tubs offer an elegant, spa-like appearance and provides the ultimate in bath-time luxury and aesthetics. Kick back and relax in the bathtub of your dreams.

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LED Mirror

Enjoy seamless lighting and modernity with the addition of an LED mirror to your bathroom. With function and quality in mind, LED mirrors will provide glamorous lighting for years to come.