About TJTS Contracting

Our team of renovation experts has over 40 years of experience. We use only the highest quality material and certified trades professionals.

Our Process


Your needs and wants.

● Let us dive deep into your home renovation project.● We start by assessing your wants and needs by going over our catalogue together.● Would you like a bar or maybe a second kitchen? Or an entire suite to rent out? Let us figure out what we can create on your budget.● Help us understand your core requirements for your project. No detail is too small. ● This is all done conveniently through a virtual meeting to establish a rough estimate.


A thorough site examination.

● Our goal is to be accurate, thorough and transparent with our clients.● Once the rough estimate is approved we will send out a Project Manager to conduct a site survey.● Our site surveys involve a review of your foundation, plumbing, electrical and other infrastructure so we can avoid any hidden surprises.● We combine our site survey and your materials to provide a final estimate and establish the project timeline. 


Quote and project timeline.

● Our main goal is to provide you with a fair, transparent and honest proposal. Period.● The final quote, proposed timeline, and the full scope of work will be reviewed.● You will have a virtual meeting with your Project Consultant to double-check everything and ask questions you may have.● Once you're ready, we require a small deposit via credit card to schedule material delivery. ● We always guarantee the quoted price and the scope of work. 


Material delivery and build.

● We take care of every part of the project from start to finish. ● We are your one-stop shop from material purchase and delivery to electrical, plumbing, installation and final clean up.● You sit back and watch us turn your house into the home of your dreams.● We structure payments based on the progress of the project. ● We are honest, fair and dependable. We will demonstrate our commitment to integrity throughout the entire process. Let us wow you.


  • How do you determine price?

    We determine prices by establishing your core requirements and the total area that is being renovated. We examine significant rough-in changes (particularly for plumbing) and any major features going into the space (bars, kitchen, theatre, etc.). The client also chooses the level of finish they would like in the renovated space. A lot goes into these projects, which is why we do our due diligence to provide you with the most accurate quote possible. Get started by reviewing our catalogue with your Project Consultant! 

  • What can you do?

    We can do it all when it comes to home renovation projects! We are general contractors who can take on a multitude of jobs. We always start with your wants and needs to ensure satisfaction.

  • How does payment work?

    Initially, we take a small deposit via credit card to initiate the project. All further payments are scheduled with the client and collected by e-transfer. Material payment is received on the day all product is delivered to the client, and all labour costs are divided into three progress payments. We make sure to communicate as best as possible with the client. We strive to be fair and transparent all the way.

  • How soon can you start?

    We can begin after the client signs the proposal and makes a deposit. We immediately move to the procurement phase and set a material receipt date. We usually have the material delivered within 15 business days to commence construction. Not all projects are the same. Please consult with your Project Manager for exact timelines for your project.

  • How do you operate?

    TJTS is a dedicated group of entrepreneurs in Regina who are focused on reshaping and improving the entire home renovation process. We guarantee absolute transparency and accountability from all levels of our company. Our primary focus is the happiness and satisfaction of our clients. We believe if we build trusting relationships, the revenue is sure to follow. We want to offer you an unbelievable experience, high-quality materials, commercial-grade installation and fair prices that are budget conscious. Fair, honest and genuine, that is how we operate.

  • Are you qualified?

    Absolutely! We are experienced trades professionals who are fully licensed and insured. We apply commercial installation techniques to all of our projects. We are happy to provide our credentials during our signing phase. 

  • Can you provide references? 

    Of course! We want every client who is looking into a home renovation project to feel confident in choosing us. You can request past project experience details and video testimonials anytime. Our core business is built on referrals. We want this to go perfectly. 

  • Will you hire sub-contractors for my renovation?

    It is rare for a general contractor to have every type of necessary worker under one roof. We may need to subcontract some work to specialists such as carpenters and electricians. We take care of everything when it comes to the project. You don't have to worry, all you have to do is enjoy the work. 

  • Do you provide a written warranty?

    Yes! We provide a two-year comprehensive warranty on all of our labour and materials. We call it our baseboard to baseboard—drywall to drywall guarantee. We do everything by code and only use high-quality materials meant for basements and bathrooms. Your investment is in good hands. Now let us get to work!