Electrical & Plumbing Services

At TJTS Contractors, we offer a wide range of detailed electrical and plumbing services to address all your needs. We specializes in new installations, handling everything from wiring and plumbing layouts to fixture placement and connections. Whether you're building a new home or adding onto an existing property, we provide thorough planning and precise execution to ensure optimal functionality and safety.
We excel in repairs and upgrades, diagnosing issues and implementing effective solutions to restore or enhance your electrical and plumbing systems. From fixing faulty wiring and leaky pipes to upgrading outdated fixtures and appliances, we prioritize quality workmanship and attention to detail in every project.
Our team works closely with you to understand your goals and preferences, offering personalized recommendations and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.

TJTS Contractors specializes in providing comprehensive contracting and handyman services throughout Regina. From small repairs to renovations, our experienced team is dedicated to delivering high-quality and affordable workmanship with exceptional customer service. 

Memorable Interior Framing & Finishing Projects

Home Renovation & Remodeling Contractors TJTS Contracting

New Electrical & Plumbing Installation

We excel in new installation services for both electrical and plumbing systems. Whether it's for a new home or an extension, we ensure your systems are installed safely, efficiently, and up to code. From electrical wiring to plumbing fixtures, count on us for professional installations that meet your needs and surpass expectations.

Home Renovation & Remodeling Contractors TJTS Contracting

Electrical & Plumbing Repairs

We are your go-to experts for electrical and plumbing repairs. If you're dealing with a faulty outlet, a leaky pipe, or any other issue, our team is here to diagnose and fix the problem promptly and effectively. Don't let electrical or plumbing issues disrupt your daily routine – contact TjTs Contractors for reliable repairs you can count on.

Home Renovation & Remodeling Contractors TJTS Contracting

Electrical & Plumbing Upgrades

If you're looking to update outdated fixtures, improve energy efficiency, or enhance convenience, we are here to help. From upgrading to energy-efficient lighting and appliances to installing modern plumbing fixtures and water-saving technologies, we provide personalized solutions tailored to your needs and preferences.